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Data Processing (Online)

Web Promotional / SEO/ Form filling / Pay roll management / Medical Form filling / Health card

Web Promotional

Stop waiting for people to come to your website… Send your website to them !

Keystone BPO, a high-activity online web promotion service provider, with a well-classified and updated database of business email IDs we offer you a unique opportunity to reach out to the desktop of your potential customers in form of strategically designed and single click, easy to respond email messages.

Looking at your business requirement, we offer you an effective email promotion campaign that reaches focused business audience related to your industry, generating maximum business response for you.


  • Easy to use, it is designed with the average PC user in mind.
  • Saves printing and distribution costs associated with print media.
  • No scrolling as view each page within PC screen turns pages like a real Book.
  • Easy to distribute – via the Web, email, floppy or CD-ROM.
  • Outstanding for viral marketing as it can be passed on easily by email.
  • Recipients of the catalogue can store, view, and interact with its content off-line.
  • Drives traffic to your website.
  • Encourages customer loyalty, repeat purchases.
  • Ideal custom publishing solution.



SEO has got focus in internet marketing as it is the most cost effective and efficient method of making the online business visible to huge masses of potential visitors searching through search engines. It takes your website from nowhere to top pages so that it can beat the competitors and earn the real advantage of being online and reach millions of visitors online.

Payroll Management

Payroll management has evolved as a complex function for enterprises across the world. TCS can help identify outsourcing solutions to help organizations increase process efficiency in payroll management, allowing them to focus on their bottom lines.


Data Processing

Keystone BPO provides different types of data processing .

Voice Projects

We are offering for our clients Voice BPO Projects.

Non-voice Projects

We are engaged in offering Non Voice BPO Projects for our clients.